Gaskets for gearbox cover and crankcase

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Seals for gearbox cover and crankcase

Seals for gearbox cover and crankcase

When sealing gearbox covers or crankcases, well-known companies rely on seals from German Industry Parts. These sensitive areas are not only exposed to high mechanical forces, but also to a wide range of temperatures. The requirements for the installed components are correspondingly high.
Our seals in this area protect against dust, dirt and moisture penetration and oil leakage from the inside to the outside - for example in systems or devices and tools such as power saws. Thus, they make a significant contribution to the longevity and performance of the engine.
O-ring import, rubber seal and special molding material production,
It is a company that manufactures Teflon materials and oil seals, U-ring seals, dust seals and piston seals processed in Turkey and sells them throughout Europe. Our company was recognized in this branch in a short time with its quality and price advantage.
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